Sabia quartetensemble

Your own wings are your true nest

The Sabiá Quartet, named after a Brazilian songbird and inspired by the symbolism of the quote above, has strived since its conception in 1998 to detach itself from traditional music conventions. It aims to freely express itself within the spheres of diverse music cultures and genres.

Leading the way toward this path was, among other influences, a personal encounter with the Argentinian composer Astor Piazzolla. The four international artists have set their roots in the symbiosis of large, brilliant classical works, the melancholic magic of Tango, the sensuous, rhythmic sounds of Brazil and other ethnic influences, and the unadorned poetry of chansons.

The quartet's sensitive, self-arranged works distinguish themselves through their authenticity and haunting beauty. The quartet's members from Germany, Austria, Brazil and England meet in Porto for rehearsals and find inspiration through a nuanced collaboration of diverse sounds and influences. They carry their audiences off to a world of multi-faceted instrumental and vocal music.

The quartet with its first-rate members - Birgit Laude (1st Violin), Andrea Moreira (2nd Violin, Voice), Francisco Moreira (Viola, Guitar and Arrangements) and Miranda Phythian-Adams (Cello) - are beloved among insiders and international concert series because of their authenticity, impulsivity and subtle dynamics.